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You don't deserve this pink Toblerone ★
You don't deserve this pink Toblerone ★

You don't deserve this pink Toblerone ★

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This DIY kit is inspired by Neo Yokio and the phrase, "You don't deserve this big toblerone." Due to limitations we cannot make a giant toblerone bar, but we decided to put our own pink twist on it -- since Neo Yokio's signature colour is "millennial pink". The base is adorned with gold throughout to signify the bourgeois class that is the "aristocratic" class in the Neo Yokio universe. If you love fashion, millennial humour, bad anime parodies, and satire of capitalist society -- seriously check out Neo Yokio. It's so bad it's good. (We are not sponsored by Neo Yokio, we just really love the show.)

The base is a dense clear snow fizz slime which requires some folding and slow stretching/warming up (you may add lotion if it is too stiff), and comes with two clay toblerones and a cherry cordial milky syrup. Scented like cherry cordial chocolates.

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