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White Rabbit Candy Crunch ★
White Rabbit Candy Crunch ★
White Rabbit Candy Crunch ★

White Rabbit Candy Crunch ★

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As a kid, our parents used to give us white rabbit candies during holidays. There was nothing more satisfying than peeling off the waxy wrapper and letting the rice paper melt in your mouth, before chewing the milky taffy-like candy.

White Rabbit Candy is not at all crunchy, but we did use crunch sponge cubes in this white glue-based slime. The crunchy sponges absorb all the white glue so it is very squishy and firm in texture, like a white rabbit candy. The sponges are unbreakable unless you squeeze really hard and tear it. If you squeeze out the glue out of the sponge, you can press the sponges to make a crispy, crunchy sound.

We've reformulated this slime to include blue and red metal foil!

Each slime comes with a white rabbit candy.

6 oz gets a rabbit charm.

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