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Sakura Parfait ★
Sakura Parfait ★
Sakura Parfait ★

Sakura Parfait ★

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Spring time means cherry blossom season! Sakura Parfait is inspired by the many Japanese desserts that are exclusive to spring time.

Sakura Parfait is a layered slime. On the bottom is a mix of snow fizz and cloud slime rolled in "sakura dust", and then a jelly slay slime mix on top with foam beads. In a separate container is a marshmallow-scented butter slime meant to be inflated like whipped cream.

You can assemble this slime yourself! You add the whipped topping on top, then you can decorate your "parfait" with the charms provided - a fake strawberry fimo, cherry blossom sprinkles, a sakura flower, and a wafer crepe to put on top! Very IG-worthy slime.

Scented like delicious cherry blossom marshmallow cream and a hint of lemony pound cake. Delicious.

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