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Durian Shake Thickie ★

Durian Shake Thickie ★

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Due to the limited nature of the fragrance oil this slime is limited edition and will not be sold again once we run out of the aroma.


If you love durian this slime is for you. They say durian smells like garlic, stinky feet, etc. We sourced as much durian fragrances we can all over the world and we found THE ONE. We personally love durian, especially durian milkshake boba, and the scent is so spot-on for us. It's hard to explain the scent of durian that isn't negative ... it's strong and pungent, but not offensive. 


Our thickie slimes are made with 100% glue-all with NO additives such as clay or other glues. They're really thick, glossy, and have a creamy texture. 

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