Shop is temporarily closed due to renovations in our workshop. We are working really hard to ensure smooth process going forward despite the hiccups. - Please check @POTCHASLIMES on Instagram stories and post for live updates and previews on upcoming restocks. Restocks may be subject to delay, please keep up-to-date by following us on Instagram!

 Hi there.

If you see this page it is because our shop is currently closed due to being sold out. We encourage you to check out our Instagram for videos of our slimes, reviews, as well as announcements regarding our shop.

Have questions?

You can also contact us at potchaslimes [at] or contact us via DMs in Instagram regarding an order.

Shipping Delays?

Due COVID-19 there are mail disruptions on parcels. While the usual estimated shipping time is 1-2 weeks in Canada and US, and 3-4 week elsewhere, there may be an extra week or two delay due to social distancing rules in the postal service, as well as more strict customs. We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

Slime Care?

Help! My slime is melted and sticky, what do I do?!

If your slime is melted and sticky upon arrival, or for any reason, please use a borax solution (1 tsp of borax to 1 cup of warm or hot water) and lightly add some until the slime is not sticky and workable again. Be careful not to over-activate and add your borax in small amounts at a time. If you over-activate the slime it will become rubbery and unpleasant to play with. Due to rising temperatures in the summer, your slime may be melted. You can also try putting the slime in the fridge for 30 minutes to see if that does anything. If not, try activating it as noted above.

What do I do if the slime is too hard and over-activated?

If your slime is a white glue slime, add some unscented lotion. If your slime is a clear glue slime, add vegetable glycerin (found easily on Amazon or in pharmacies) or leave it out in the sun near a window to melt it a bit.

What can I do to care for sand puffs?

If it is too hard and dried out, add a tiny drop of glycerin. If you add too much, it may melt a lot. Glycerin is an awesome deactivator for many slimes and can be purchased at a pharmacy or on Amazon! If your sand puff is crumbly, wet, and doesn't really stick together, add some activator to your hands and knead it. Some have added clear slime to their sand puffs to revive it, but note it may change the texture to not be the sand puff texture.