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At POTCHA SLIMES, we believe that people of all ages can enjoy slime. Our slimes are specifically made for an adult audience, but we have customers from all age groups who enjoy our creations. Whether you are at school, work at an office, or just want to chill at home, you can enjoy our slimes anywhere as part of your relaxation rituals.

Our vision is to elevate slime into an art form and to constantly push the boundaries of what slime is and can be, with many products unique to our shop. We strive to provide aesthetically beautiful products that feel and smell amazing! 


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POTCHA SLIMES (ぽっちゃスライム) also known as POTCHA SURAIMU INC., was established in 2018 by Gazel, a millennial queer neurodivergent person of colour. While we do have staff occasionally helping with day-to-day duties at our shop, Gazel produces, designs, and manufactures all products sold at Potcha Slimes.

We are based in Winnipeg, which is a snowy prairie city situated in Western-Central Canada. Our slimes are inspired by memories, landscapes, nature, food, and Asian culture.

We believe slime is not just a stress relief product, but is a form of art that can be enjoyed through several senses, such as touch, smell, sight, and sound. Our slimes are sensory products with many unique textures along aromatherapy benefits.

We are industry leaders in selling products that are unique to our shop alone. Over the years, many have tried to replicate our signature textures, such as our famous "sand puff" and "foam creme" textures, but have not been successful. We take craftsmanship and artisanship very seriously. We make and design our own silicone moulds and sculpt clays for our industry-renown do-it-yourself slime clay kits. We source fragrance oils from all over the world and hand-blend most of our fragrances. We are constantly conducting research, experimentation, and reformulating our slimes with each restock, with the intent of not only selling high-quality products, but being innovators that push the boundaries of what slime is and can be.