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Introducing our new and improved coated water jelly recipe! Inspired by Korean slime, the water jelly texture is jiggly, non-sticky, and has a smooth "coated" feel. This slime is perfect for table play, or for poking inside the container. It is not holdable due to the watery, jelly consistency it has.


YTWOMEN TEARS is a satirical take on the racist microaggression that white women tend to brush off accountability of their own racism by crying or shedding "white women tears", which is according to sociologists is a historically rooted phenomenon and is a manifestation of white privilege. In other words, white women tears represents the weaponization of emotions and "tears" by white women to deflect any culpability of racism. 


Scented like lemon water and has fishbowls to represent tear droplets. When life gives you lemons, don't cry. Crush racism.

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