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ROSE BLOOMS CAKE is part of our “iced cake series”! Inspired by the trend of Korean lunchbox cakes, this beautiful iced cake slime (which are creamy dry snow fizz textures in our shop), is carefully and labouriously made so they resemble real cakes. We use a special clay that is spreadable and resembles real icing, and has a dry snow fizz interior. 


Each kit comes with a 6 oz iced cake base with a blooming roses clay topping and a clear sauce with leaves to decorate as glaze. 


The end result is a buttery, crispy, unique snow fizz texture that is a signature texture to our shop and is a must-try! Scented like rose bandung, which is a rosewater syrup and condensed milk mix.


TIP: To remove the iced cake slime from the box, we recommend pinching a corner of the slime and wiggling it slightly and the slime should plop out of the box, if you want to photograph or video record this slime looking like a cake. 


NOTE: We highly recommend purchasing a deli container to contain the inflation of this slime, and due to the nature of this decorative box it is difficult to put slime back inside. This slime is priced higher due to the amount of slime increasing with clay and add-ins mixed in.

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