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RILAKKUMA: MILK TEA CREME BRULEE is exclusive to our Sanrio-inspired 2021 restock. Rilakkuma is a bear from Sanrio known for being somewhat lazy. Their colour scheme reminded us of milk tea!


We are no strangers to wax at Potcha Slimes. We did not originate wax dipping in clay as a technique, nor do we claim it. We also did not originate the technique of pouring wax directly onto slime, as a disclaimer. However, we claim the creme brulee wax technique. We always wanted to elevate wax as a DIY component to a higher level, and we always wanted to do a true creme brulee slime that mimicked the experience of breaking into the sugar crust (the best part) and getting into the creamy filling. We finally achieved it with this slime. 


This slime is a multilayered slime of jiggly Korean slay with snow fizz then wax poured on top multiple times (a messy, and time consuming process) to get the feel and appearance of freshly torched creme brulee. The first press on the crust is true love! It really mimicks the sizzle and crunch of the dessert. We recommend using a spoon for a video, or if you don't care, your fingers work too. We formulated this slime so the wax fragments (they do not hurt for us) incorporate into the slime with minimal if to no fallout. They can be worked into the slime as “sprinkles” or can be removed easily! We love breaking them apart as it's so satisfying.


This kit comes with the base slime with wax top (6 oz) and clay whip with raspberries and leaf. Unfortunately, the cup in the picture is not included. We will take extra care to ensure wax does not break in transit, but we anticipate slime may seep to the top in rough transit. Please be very careful handling the slime.


Scented a hand blend of milk tea and creme brulee.


NOTE: Price is determined by labour, supplies, and final oz count with addition of clay and wax. Due to these factors, the final amount of slime is much more than listed.



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