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REVOLUTIONARY ROSE CHEESECAKE is part of the Mahou Shoujo 2020 collection and is inspired by Utena and Anthy, the two main characters and “lovers” of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series. Roses are a common motif in the RGU universe. Each cheesecake is hand-painted with pigment to capture the aesthetics of Utena and Anthy and are topped with rose fimos. The bottom layer features a foam creme and cloud creme texture with a soft Korean clay top, which results in a squishy and inflating texture. Scented rosewater syrup and cheesy cheese cake! Our special blend.


Our foam creme texture is exclusive to Potcha Slimes and was developed in 2018. It features a special blend of snow that results in slime that feels like it has clay when it does not. However, there is a minor bit of fallout with play.


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