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RAMUNE YATSUHASHI is a kit that comes with a thick coated Korean glue base (not a water jelly due to it's thickness, but uses same glue), with a coated clear little sauce to add as you please, and two clay nama yatsuhashi. 


Nama Yatsuhashi (生八つ橋), or raw yatsuhashi, are a variant of yatsuhashi – a popular souvenir snack from Kyoto. The raw variant of yatsuhashi are triangles of mochi that are stuffed with a flavoured bean filling and come in a plethora of flavours! Our favourites are chocolate, mango, and ramune soda. It's so chewy and addicting. 


The texture of this slime is like the snack: chewy, addictive. It mixes to a puffy, jiggly semi-clay slime scented like Japanese cream soda, ramune.



NOTE: Due to clay content, despite the fluid ounce size, the final result will have more slime due to larger slime. It is priced accordingly. We also recommend that you purchase an additional deli container.





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