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NOSTALGIC FOG was conceptualised through thinking about the beautiful deception our minds play on us when we are nostalgic and long for the distant past – the reverie that comes with nostalgia can also mislead, like being in a fog. At times, we can lose sight of reality and the larger picture because we are enveloped in the fog of nostalgia. We interpreted this concept by having an iridescent gold-shift base packed with white shimmering iridescent glitters, with star, cloud, and moon glitters. As you play with this slime, it becomes “foggy” and things become less shimmery, beautiful, and clear. 


This slime is our coated Korean glue jelly texture that is super unique. It is wet to the touch, non-tacky unlike usual jelly slimes made with instant snow, and feels like a pudding/gummy. The scent is a relaxing blend of rose, mint, and citrus which feels cooling to the hands.

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