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Mystère ★

Mystère ★

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Mystère is a sand puff slime that is inspired by RPG games, specifically the enchanted and mysterious forests that are usually dark but have glowing luminescent soil. This slime is black with colourful foils added in, with rainbow flowers and glitters that remind us of glowing soil. Mystère is a special sand puff that in each restock, the scent is new each time! Check out our IG stories to know what scent Mystère is for the week. 


About sand puffs: Sand puffs are the specialty of Potcha Slimes - many have tried to imitate us, but none have succeed yet. Our shop is the ONLY place to get an authentic sand puff. 

  • A sand puff is texturally similar to a snow fizz slime, and is actually not made with sand. We use a special combination of special glue and other ingredients to create this unique texture.
  • It begins as super sandy and dry, but as you continually play with it (the key here is to warm up the slime with your hands), it transforms to a slightly wetter, puffier slime! 


All sand puffs have glitter and plastic snow and may leave fallout or residue. If you do not like these qualities of slime, do not purchase.

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