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KUROMI: GARDEN OF EVIL s an exclusive slime from the Sanrio-Inspired 2021 collection inspired by Kuromi, My Melody's rival. Inspired by Kuromi's girly rock-n-roll punky vibe, this sand puff is a mix of hot pink and black and is blended to smell like palma violet candies with rose candies. It is a sweet yet floral scent that is neither perfumey or cloyingly sweet! It is decorated with various flowers and skulls glitters and will come in a container with a random Kuromi sticker on top.

ABOUT SAND PUFFS: The sand puff texture is Potcha Slimes signature texture since 2018. Over the years, there have been imitations and attempted duplications that have not been successful. If you want this unique, texture-changing, gorgeous texture, it is Potcha Slimes that only sells them. As for the texture, it is similar to dense snow fizz slimes with a sandy feel. It may feel coarse and hard, like sand, out of the container. With careful massaging (we recommend folding), your body heat will transform this rough slime into a fluffy, sizzly, puffy, crunchy, and wet sand feeling without the wetness. There may be slight snow residue or fallout in the beginning, but can be picked up once the slime is wet. We use a special mixture of foreign glue and other ingredients to come up with this unique product. With this in mind, this is not a slime for everyone, and you have been warned. 


SAND PUFF CARE: If you receive a crumbly yet sticky sand puff, please put some borax activator on your hands and knead! That is usually a tell-tale sign it is underactivated. If it is too stiff and will not stretch despite instructions, please add some glycerine.

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