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KOROKKE are Japanese croquettes typically made of ground meat, diced veggies like onions, and plenty of mashed potatoes which are coated in panko bread crumbs and deep fried. The clay sculpture is made of different varieties of clay mixed with snow fizz -we hand sculpted the clay croquette using no moulds, so each croquette is a bit different, but approximately the same in size per grams. The base is a cloud creme and icee hybrid with onion and carrot fimo on top. Scented realistically of fried onions, mashed fried potatoes, and juicy meat which will make you say うまい! (Umai - or delicious)


NOTE: This slime is priced higher despite it's ounce count because of the large amount of clay this set has, which results in more fluid ounces once everything is mixed.

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