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Karinto Crumbs ★

Karinto Crumbs ★

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KARINTO CRUMBS is based off of the traditional Japanese snack called "karinto". Karinto is a deep fried dough snack that is usually made in cylinders (think a cheeto), and is coated with brown sugar. It is not the most appetizing looking snack, but it is addictive and delicious. We blended true brown sugar notes with fried biscuit, just like a real bag of karinto.

This slime is a dense clear snow fizz with marshmallow beads. You may add warm water to the base if you want to loosen it up, as it is packed with sizzly snow, and doing so will make the slime puff and inflate more. Marshmallow beads will disintegrate over time. In the beginning, there may be marshmallow bead fallout! We like to crush them so it really resembles karinto crumbs found at the bottom of the bag.

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