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Feijoa Meringue Souffle ★

Feijoa Meringue Souffle ★

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We first discovered the magical fruit, feijoa, when one of our friends from Christchurch, New Zealand, sent us a package that had many kiwiana goodies - Milo bars, Pineapple Lumps, and so many other sweets! The one that stood out the most was the feijoa tea, it was unlike any other fruit we've smelled or tasted before. Apparently a feijoa is popular in South America and New Zealand. They're not found in many places because they spoil very fast when ripened. A feijoa is noted to be called a pineapple guava, and that is probably what we can best describe this unique scent!

Feijoa Meringue Souffle is a slay (clay and slime base) and icee slime. When mixed together, pulled, and stretched, it becomes the most fluffiest and inflated slime! It reminds us of meringue! We've added fruit fimo and toppings to make it reminiscent of pavlova, another Kiwi treat!

Scented like feijoa and sweet meringue.

Note that this is a very special edition slime! Once the oils run out, I will no longer be stocking it as the oils come all the way from New Zealand.

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