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TERRA is a DIY kit part of the TAROT COLLECTION, inspired by tarot and divination aesthetic. Terra, or "earth" in Latin, reflects the earth element in tarot. Our inspiration was Mother Earth herself, which we imagined with flowers, grass, and forests. Scented a blend of rich deep matcha, chestnuts, and chocolate. The end result texture is a creamy and crispy butter snow fizz. We encourage you to decorate your kit just like a forest with beautiful flowers!

Each kit comes with the following: a 6 oz base, 3 oz topping, 1 oz topping, several clay sculptures (3 flowers, 2 leaves, 1 tree stump), flower fimos, and a major arcana tarot card that corresponds with the earth element. You will randomly get one of the following card charms: Empress, Hierophant, Hermit, Devil, and World.

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