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Coffee Jelly Parfait ★

Coffee Jelly Parfait ★

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COFFEE JELLY PARFAIT is an inflating DIY slay and jelly cube slime scented like a delicious blend of coffee, cream, burnt sugar, and vanilla notes. It comes with a 6 oz fluffy clay base made with different imported clays, a 3 oz coffee jelly cube slime, and a clay ice cream scoop along with fake coffee beans and coffee crumbles. The end result is a super fluffy, "fat" and stretchy jelly cube slay slime that inflates a ton!

Coffee jelly parfait is a very popular dessert in Japan. I also had this dessert made by a family member and it's so delicious, so I tried to capture the memories of eating this dessert by making the mousse-texture end result and as close to what it smells like as possible with the fragrance.

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