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CHOCOLATE HONEYCOMB is inspired by one of our favourite confections: the sponge toffee (also called cinder toffee, ppopgi/dalgona, and honeycomb toffee elsewhere in the world) coated in rich chocolate. This scent blend is one of the best we have ever blended, as it smells like the real thing: caramelized torched sugar which imparts a bit of bitterness yet sweetness and the most realistic chocolate scent, period.

This slime features two textures: the "fondant" texture which is a thick, dense, somewhat chewy yet spreadable shiny smooth clay slime and a dense crackly snow fizz slime. Combined, it makes a chewy sizzly butter snow fizz. If you add warm water, it loosens up if that is your thing, and inflates the slime heaps more than it already does in it's natural state.

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