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Cereus is based off of a cactus flower that blooms once a year and only at night. We tried to evoke a more dark feeling with black sandy soil, moons, and gold flowers. It smells mysterious, like incense.

Sand puffs are similar to a snow fizz slime but with key textural differences. First, it is not made with sand, but with plastic snow. We use a special combination of glue and other ingredients to create this unique texture. It begins as super sandy and dry, but as you continually play with it (the key here is to warm up the slime with your hands), it transforms to a slightly wetter, puffier slime! This is not a slime for beginners and requires special patience -- but it's worth it, the reviews on Instagram speak for themselves (sand puff has been reviewed by IG slimers such as @Audeezslimes; @lunchboxandco; @theslimeallure, etc.).

All sand puffs have glitter and plastic snow and may leave fallout or residue. If you do not like these qualities of slime, do not purchase.

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