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BOOZA, a Levantine “stretchy ice cream” treat is also known as “dondurma” in Turkey. We made a dondurma slime a few years back and decided to remaster it in a different texture to resemble the real thing! Booza ice cream is usually thick, slow melting, chewy (due to the ingredient that makes it stretchy and slow-melting), and typically flavoured with orange blossom, mastic, and rosewater. 


Our version is a Korean glue hybrid cloud creme with clay, and our foam creme base to be just like real booza! It is scented like orange blossom, rosewater, pistachio, and ice cream.


Please note this does come with decorative cosmetic-grade rose petals on the side and should be removed from slime if not recording a video. Rose petals will brown in slime, which may resemble mold if left in. To keep the longevity of your slime, please remove the rose petals. Thank you!

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