Hi there.

If you see this page it is because our shop is currently closed due to being sold out. We encourage you to check out our Instagram for videos of our slimes, reviews, as well as announcements regarding our shop.

Since you're here, learn a bit about the story of Potcha Slimes, the not-so-ordinary slime shop from Canada.

We opened PotchaSlimes in August 2018 with the intent of marketing to the millennial customer -- people just like us. While the slime community has its origins with children, many people from different age groups have found comfort and solace in slime and the stress relief it brings.

Keep in mind that our slimes are made for young adults and adults. This is not to say that children cannot play with our slime -- adults are the intended audience. :-) 

Some of our slimes may have mature themes that are meant to be parody and novelty in nature. To purchase from our shop you MUST be over 18 years old or have the permission of a parent or guardian. However, anybody, children and minors can enjoy our slimes. We only state this as we are not responsible for parents getting upset because their child for example bought a marijuana-themed slime (our slimes contain no drugs or alcohol) without permission. We love children, but our slime shop is geared towards adults and it may be the case that there may be some slimes that contain some adult humour. Please be aware of this prior to purchasing.

We are the home of the controversial sand puff slime, which was invented by Gazel, the owner of Potcha Slimes. We make the bold claim that you will not find slimes like ours from anywhere else.  We take pride and care in crafting the most uniquely textured and scented slimes. We use different glues, fragrance oils, and ingredients from around the world, across different continents. The Potcha Slimes guarantee is that we will never make a slime of foods we have not experienced or tasted. This ensures that the slime scents are as close to accurate as possible.

Experience Potcha Slimes and join the Potcha Fam. Thanks for reading if you got this far!