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IGNIS is a DIY kit part of the TAROT COLLECTION, inspired by tarot and divination aesthetic. Ignis, or "fire" in Latin, reflects the fire element in tarot. Our inspiration is twofold: the magnificent magma that lays deep beneath the earth's core and fire, particularly a crackling bonfire. The texture results in a sizzly butter snow fizz that crackles just like a wood fire. This slime is scented like bonfire, a hint of sour cream, oat cookies, and cinnamon - a combination that is unique and evokes warm sensations.

Each kit comes with the following: a 6 oz base, 3 oz topping, 1 oz topping, several clay sculptures (fire and wood), fire fimos, and a major arcana tarot card that corresponds with the fire element. You will randomly get one of the following card charms: Emperor, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, Tower, Sun, or Judgment.

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