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HANAKOTOBA is part of the Mahou Shoujo 2020 collection and is inspired by a common theme in Shoujo anime/manga (which includes Mahou Shoujo!), which is the copious use of flowers as symbolism and can even foreshadow a plot or character. Hanakotoba means the language of flowers in Japan, and under this system, flowers have different meanings. This slime is also partially inspired by many anime scenes in the spring time, where a seemingly endless torrent of cherry blossom petals fall from the sky. Each slime has cherry blossom leaf beads, various faux pink flowers floating on top, and flower fimos. Scented like white peaches and sakura flowers.


Crunchy slimes may irritate hands, especially sensitive hands. Crunchy slimes are primarily made for crunching rather than stretching, however, with repeated folding and crunching, the slime will warm up and acquire significant stretchiness.

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