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ACQUA is a DIY kit part of the TAROT COLLECTION, inspired by tarot and divination aesthetic. Acqua, or "water" in Latin, reflects the water element in tarot. Our inspiration was the beautiful ocean in its entirety: the deep blue sea, the turquoise shallow waters, the foamy tides, and the beautiful seashells you can find on the sand. We transformed this idea into a dessert box, particularly a cookie box, of different seashells and a taiyaki cookie shaped like a fish.

The texture is a water jelly on the bottom, a slay on top, and comes with a side of slushee bead clear slime and a white glossy slime to replicate the sea tide. The end result is a chubby and jiggly slay. Scented like salt water taffy, key limes, brown sugar, and vanilla ice cream. Super unique and sweet scent.

Each kit comes with the following: a 6 oz base, 3 oz topping, 1 oz topping, several clay sculptures (shells and fish), shell glitters, a mermaid tail or starfish charm, a fake sea plant, and a major arcana tarot card that corresponds with the water element. You will randomly get one of the following card charms: High Priestess, Chariot, Hanged Man, Death, and Moon.

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