Current processing time: 1-2 weeks after order. Thanks for your patience!



Which countries does your business ship?

We ship all around the world! 

What are your shipping rates?

We use Canada Post to ship our parcels. The price varies depending where you are. Typically in Canada, it's about $13 CAD to ship a parcel regardless of size, though that slightly increases if you are further from Ontario. However, these prices include tracking.

Elsewhere, such as the United States, for one slime it can be as low as $7 USD upwards to $16 USD, depending on the size of your order. Outside of North America, on average it is about $11-16 USD (e.g., Australia). To note, these prices do not include tracking and must be purchased.

Do you offer tracking?

It does not come by default unless you are from Canada. This is Canada Posts' issue, not ours. This means you must choose the more pricy option of tracking, if you want tracking. We highly recommend it if you are anxious it will get lost or if you want security that your order will come to you. Usually, orders do arrive and it is rare people do not get their parcels.

When do you ship after purchase? How long do I have to wait for my package?

We make some slimes to order so it can take about 5-10 business days (2 weeks) for a slime to ship after payment. The time it takes to ship to your home is dependent on what shipping option you choose, and could take a week to a month.

Help, my parcel is lost! 

We are unfortunately not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages once it ships from our store. We do not offer tracking by default and you must choose that option. No refunds. This is why it is important you buy tracking so we can better assist you.

Do you do refunds or exchanges?

We don't offer refunds or exchanges for hygienic reasons due to the nature of slime. We especially do not offer refunds on the basis of not liking a texture or scent. Final sale, no exceptions.



What are your slimes made out of?

The main ingredients for most of our slimes are PVA glue, borax (sodium tetraborate), cosmetic-grade fragrance oil, and vegetable glycerin. We may sometimes use unscented lotion, unscented foaming hand soap, fake snow, plastic snow, or air dry/paper clay for our slimes.  If you are allergic to these substances we recommend not to purchase.

Help! My slime is melted and sticky, what do I do?!

If your slime is melted and sticky upon arrival, or for any reason, please use a borax solution (1 tsp of borax to 1 cup of warm or hot water) and lightly add some until the slime is not sticky and workable again. Be careful not to over-activate and add your borax in small amounts at a time. If you over-activate the slime it will become rubbery and unpleasant to play with.

Due to rising temperatures in the summer, your slime may be melted. You can also try putting the slime in the fridge for 30 minutes to see if that does anything. If not, try activating it as noted above.

What do I do if the slime is too hard and over-activated?

If your slime is a white glue slime, add some unscented lotion, shea butter, or even coconut oil.

If your slime is a clear glue slime, add aloe vera gel or leave it out in the sun near a window to melt it a bit. Slime does eventually deactivate on its own if left alone as well.

If your slime has any clay in it, adding warm water should help to destiffen the slime.

What can I do to care for sand puffs?

If it is too hard and dried out, add a tiny drop of glycerin. If you add too much, it may melt a lot. Glycerin is an awesome deactivator for many slimes and can be purchased at a pharmacy or on Amazon!

If your sand puff is crumbly, wet, and doesn't really stick together, add some activator to your hands and knead it.

Slimes are perishable and will change in consistency depending on how you play with them, how long you play with them, and how often you pay with them. 

I got slime on fabric. How do I remove it?

Scrape off and wipe off the slime immediately if it's still sticky. Try to get as much as you can off. The next step we suggest you do a spot test first to see if vinegar will damage your fabric. Use at your own risk.

For wet slime, remove the remaining slime with white vinegar and gently rub out until it is gone.

If the slime is dry, liberally apply white vinegar on a cotton pad or rag and saturate the spot for a few minutes pressing down on the spot until the slime is sticky and wet again. Scrape off the slime and wipe off as much as you can. If the slime is still hard, repeat with saturating the dry slime with vinegar. Rub the remaining slime out until it is gone.

If this does not work please look at some Google tips on how to do it. This is our method and it works for us, but may not work for others. We strongly recommend playing with slime on a hard surface for this reason. Avoid playing with slime if you are wearing expensive fabrics like silk or leather.