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Yuzu Lemonade Ice Crisp ★
Yuzu Lemonade Ice Crisp ★

Yuzu Lemonade Ice Crisp ★


Cotton candy fans, rejoice, you are going to LOVE this slime. This ain't no ordinary cotton candy slime. We take our crunch crisp beads (aka bingsu beads) and put it in our thick and inflatable clear slime base. It inflates a ton and creates the BEST ASMR. We also blended a number of cotton candy scents and other secret fragrances to make this the most fantastic and mouthwatering cotton candy scent, ever. We promise you will LOVE the scent blend of this one.

If you like crispy slimes with low fallout and high inflation, our crisp bead slime is for you! This slime makes the most incredible crunches and pops.

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