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Warabimochi ★

Warabimochi ★


Introducing our new and improved coated water jelly recipe! Inspired by Korean slime, the water jelly texture is jiggly, non-sticky, and has a smooth "coated" feel. This slime is perfect for table play, or for poking inside the container. It is not holdable due to the watery, jelly consistency it has.


Warabimochi is a kit that comes with a total of 7 oz slime. It comes with a base that is scented like roasted mochi with kinako and a small slime that is the "kuromitsu" (brown sugar syrup) scented like brown sugar syrup, then a small packet of kinako powder for decoration. 


The inspiration for this slime is that warabimochi is a Japanese wagashi made of bracken flower (rather than rice flour like mochi is made out of) lending itself to a watery, jelly consistency. It is topped with roasted soybean powder (kinako) and brown sugar syrup (kuromitsu). We recommend assembling this slime as follows: base, kinako powder, then kuromitsu syrup on top. Enjoy!

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