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SAKURAMOCHI is a wagashi (Japanese traditional sweet) eaten during spring time, which is made of glutinous rice and a pickled sakura leaf outside with red bean paste on the inside. There are several kinds, but most notably there is the Kanto style (which is a roll of mochi dough), or the Kansai style which is a sticky rice ball. This slime is inspired by the aesthetic of the Kansai style, which is the one we prefer to eat. 


The fragrance blend is a mix of salted cherry blossom leaf (which is more floral), a little hint of sweet sakura jam, red bean, and sweet rice cakes. It becomes a chewy plump with a hint of mochi-like jiggle texture, when mixed.


NOTE: Due to clay content, despite the fluid ounce size, the final result will have more slime due to larger slime. It is priced accordingly. We also recommend that you purchase an additional deli container.

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