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Matcha Matsu ★  抹茶松
Matcha Matsu ★  抹茶松
Matcha Matsu ★  抹茶松

Matcha Matsu ★ 抹茶松


Matcha Matsu literally translates to "matcha pine". Matcha is green tea powder, and in Japan, it's quality is classified by its hue of green - it is ideal to have it as close to pine colour as possible.

Our Matcha Matsu slime is based on our interpretation of a green tea latte in slime form, with a bit of an artistic touch to signify the serenity of sipping a cup of matcha tea in a Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha Matsu is a white glue based slay slime, and has a unique fluffy pillowy texture from mixing different air dry clays. We use Daiso clay and a special Japanese clay. It does not feel quite like a clay butter slime! It is stretchy, soft, sizzly, pokeable, and makes great bubble pops. We sprinkled fine gold glitters liberally to emulate a kitsugi (金継ぎ) type of appearance, which refers to the Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with gold-dusted lacquer.

If you want a holdable "stress ball" type of slime while doing something else (like watching TV or reading), this is the one. This is our personal favourite to keep while sitting in an office doing work. ;)

This slime is green tea latte scented. We sampled many green tea scents and looked for one that is not too citrusy or mixed with other floral notes. This green tea scent is deep, a bit earthy (has some pine notes), and the slight bitterness of matcha tea. We mixed it with our special creamy blend of milky fragrance oil so it smells earthy, fragrant, but with a touch of sweet.

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