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Nothing screams the beginning of spring by the emergence of mugwort! Mugwort is foraged in places all around the world, which is distinct for its grassy, earthy taste. It can be made into tea and in many places in Asia, it can be made as a flavouring agent for sweet glutinous rice cakes – in Japan, it's a flavouring for many mochi.


One of the most popular mugwort mochi from Japan is called KUSAMOCHI, which is a mugwort-flavoured mochi dusted with kinako soybean powder and is served with kuromitsu black sugar syrup. It tastes SO GOOD, so we tried to capture this flavour in slime. It smells just like mochi rice cakes flavoured with grassy mugwort underscored with roasted soybean powder and black sugar syrup.


The base is a jiggly Korean glue texture and when mixed with the clay, it becomes a jiggly mochi dough texture.

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