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Ichigo Daifuku ★
Ichigo Daifuku ★
Ichigo Daifuku ★

Ichigo Daifuku ★


Ichigo daifuku (いちご大福) is a Japanese dessert commonly eaten in the summer when strawberries are ripe and in season! It is one of our favourite summer treats and of course, we had to translate this into a slime.

Each DIY kit comes with four clay strawberries, enough for four little mochis you can assemble, along with a strawberry red bean jam, and an 8 oz mochi dough base. When mixed, this slime becomes a beautiful coral coloured slime that is fluffy. This slime is scented a mixture of strawberries, red bean (an earthy and slightly nutty scent) and sweet rice cake, known as mochi.

Each kit has instructions for assembly -- these are recommendations and there is no right or wrong way to play with slime! We recommend taking some of the white mochi dough slime, layering the red bean jam, then strawberry. You can encase it to look like a mochi, then squish it.

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