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Hokkaido Lavender Soft Swirl ★

Hokkaido Lavender Soft Swirl ★


HOKKAIDO LAVENDER SOFT SWIRL is a jelly slime and slay slime that becomes a super inflated and chubby texture! This kit comes with a 7 oz base with jelly slime and slay slime that is layered (you can swirl it when you want to assemble it for videos or photo), a small "lavender" sauce slime, and a clay swirled whipped ice cream. It also comes with fake lavender crumbles, real lavender bits (for you to add optionally), and an ice cream cone charm!

This slime is scented like the name suggests - a hand-blended calming lavender with a sweetness that is accented by waffle cone notes, vanilla ice cream, and milk fragrances.

This slime was inspired by the regional treat from Hokkaido, Japan - where there are lush lavender fields and lots of pasture for cows to roam, making Hokkaido nationally known in Japan as the dairy capital. Hokkaido soft swirls are a delicious milky ice cream, and depending on the shop it can come in many tasty or unusual flavours.

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