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HINAMATSURI is also known as the Peach Festival, and is one of the big spring festivals in Japan. It is also known as “Doll's Day”, which celebrates spring time and femininity. One of the foods eaten and offered as part of rituals is hishimochi which is a rice cake layered green, white, and pink – respectively to represent good health and fertility. This HINAMATSURI CAKE is inspired by hishimochi.


The first layer is a green jelly slime, with a white butter slime (which may bleed in shipping), so it comes with a white butter slime as an additional topping and pink clear slime. It becomes a chubby, chewy semi-butter slime! Comes with a clay flower. Scented an herbal honeysuckle tea (reminds us of tea shops grandparents like to go to), with freshly skinned lychee and a hint of peaches.


NOTE: Due to clay content, despite the fluid ounce size, the final result will have more slime due to larger slime. It is priced accordingly. We also recommend that you purchase an additional deli container.



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