Current processing time: 2-3 weeks after order is placed. If your order is urgent, please mark at checkout.



Where do you ship?

We ship all around the world. However, shipping services will vary depending on the country. 

What are your shipping rates and services?


We currently use Canada Post as our sole shipping service. Unfortunately, the Shopify platform does not allow for seamless integration with DHL in Canada at the moment. 

Our shipping rates range between $12 USD for the smallest parcel with no tracking, upwards to $40 USD with tracking within Canada and the United States. For orders overseas, it ranges from $20 USD with no tracking upwards to $80 USD with tracking. We do not decide these prices and it is dictated by Canada Post. We really wish the prices were more affordable!

It should be noted that tracking not come by default unless you are from Canada. For US and International customers, we strongly recommend choosing the tracked option at check-out for peace of mind. When you purchase tracking, you will be able to track your orders and should it get lost, we can help you file a claim with Canada Post for upwards to $100 in reimbursement if something happens. 


When do you ship after purchase? How long do I have to wait for my package?

At the top of our website we provide current order processing estimates. We currently have staff shortage and issues related to suppliers (for shipping supplies) outside of our control, which can contribute to delays. We make sure to send updates on shipping estimates and delays.

On average, wait times are 2-3 weeks after your order. For orders with DIY slimes, it could be around the three week mark. The reason being is that we make your DIY clays fresh (and not premade) so you get your clays moist.

Due to previous issues with billing, chargebacks, and items not being paid on time or bouncing back, we made the difficult decision to only process orders once money has been paid in our bank accounts. This process takes upwards to one business week, from past experience. As such, you will not get your parcel processed within one week, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. If it is a priority or a gift, please mark it down in the comment section of your order at checkout and we can make an arrangement.

Help, my parcel is lost! 

We are unfortunately not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages once it ships from our studio. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing the tracked option at checkout as we do not offer tracking by default and you must choose that option.

Do you do refunds or exchanges?

We do not offer exchanges for hygienic reasons due to the nature of slime. We especially do not offer refunds on the basis of not liking a texture or scent, or based off on other subjective factors. However, if there is something wrong with your product that is our fault (e.g., hairs -- which we try to control for and keep pets away from the workspace, and we keep our hair up and netted), we will assess on a case-by-case basis for a refund or store credit.

Broken or damaged parcels are non-refundable, as we try our best to secure parcels so they do not get damaged. Unfortunately, couriers can be a bit rough despite our best efforts. but we can make store credit arrangements. 

Why does your store charge in US Dollars if you are Canada-based?

The reasons are threefold: we purchase most of our supplies from American suppliers, the majority of our customers are in the US, and the Shopify platform bills us in US dollars. In the past, when we charged in CAD, we actually lost money due to the billing issue. For seamless integration in terms of billing, we decided that it was best to charge in US.

For our Canadian customers, we offer the lifetime code of "canadianfriends" for 25% off your entire purchase as a thanks for supporting our store, and as an apologies for charging in USD. We really wish there was an easier way!

What are your slimes' ingredients?

The main ingredients for most of our slimes are PVA glue from various suppliers around the world, borax (sodium tetraborate), cosmetic-grade fragrance oils, and vegetable glycerin. 

Depending on the specific slime, we may sometimes use skin-safe paint and pigment, food colouring, unscented lotion, unscented foaming hand soap, fake snow, plastic snowflakes, foam beads, acrylic beads, perlite, or air dry/paper clay

If you are allergic to these substances we do not recommend purchasing our products. We are not responsible for allergic reactions, and if it is a concern, please do a spot test before playing.