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At Potcha Slimes, we believe that slime is suitable for all ages, both children and adults alike, whether you go to school or work at an office. Slime is the ultimate anti-stress and relaxation tool after a long day!

Slime is a multi-sensory product that draws upon the senses of touch, smell, sight, and sound. Many use slime for play and it also used for stress relief, ASMR, concentration, and stimulation, making it ideal for individuals with sensory issues. 

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Potcha Slimes (ぽっちゃスライム) is a family-owned and operated slimery based in Eastern Canada. We sell homemade artisanal slimes with quality ingredients. In the future we hope to expand to selling slime supplies and other products!

Potcha Slimes was established in 2018 by Gie, a crazy pug lady, PhD student and sociologist in my late 20's. I own and operate this small business with my husband, though I create concepts and produce the slimes by myself. Potcha Slimes is a labour of love that we currently run on a part-time basis because we have other jobs, but someday we hope to devote more time to running this new business!

Our vision for this business is to provide unique and high quality slimes at an affordable price point. We are inspired by the cute and weird. As foodies, we also try to replicate certain dishes we've tried through the creative and versatile medium of slime.

Potcha Slimes is inspired by chubby, cute, sweet things! Potcha means "chubby" in Japanese. Many of the slimes featured in this shop are inspired by Japanese food, culture, and fashion.