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Buko Pandan Souffle ★
Buko Pandan Souffle ★
Buko Pandan Souffle ★

Buko Pandan Souffle ★

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Buko Pandan is a traditional Filipino dessert made with jelly pandan and nata de coco (coconut jelly), in a sweet milk sauce. We tried to capture this in a souffle slime!

The bottom layer is a jelly slime, the middle a wood glue butter slime, and then on top is a clear slime with jelly cubes, creating a multi-textural experience. It is then decadently topped with glitters. It is so pretty, the pictures do not do this one justice.

Scented like coconut and pandan. Pandan is a bit earthy -- reminds us of ube or taro, but it is a leaf. You will have to smell for yourself! We love it.

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